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If you’re interested in being an election judge, please read these requirements first.

  • List of Election Judge Qualifications
    1.  Registered voter
    2.  Flexible to work anywhere in the county
    3.  Can work any hours within the time commitment
    4.  Physically and mentally able to perform and complete the assigned tasks
    5.  Willing to attend training which may last several hours or days depending on the position.
    6.  Willing to serve for a two-year period beginning on the last Tuesday of May in even-numbered years and ending on the last Monday in May of the next even-number year.
    7.  Have not been convicted of election fraud, any other type of fraud or election offense.
    8.  You are neither a candidate whose name appears on the ballot in the county nor a member of the immediate family, related by blood, marriage, or civil union to the second degree of any candidate whose name appears on the ballot.
    9.  Capable of passing a criminal background check.


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